DEWALT DC750KA Heavy Duty 3/8 9.6-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

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DEWALT DC750KA Heavy Duty 9.6-Volt 3/8-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DC750KA description

9.6V, Drill/Driver Kit, Heavy Duty, 3/8", Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck F or Tighter Bit Gripping Ability, Dual Speed Range 0-300/0-1100 RPM, That Delivers Maximum Versatility, 14 Position Adjustable Cluctch Offers Maximum Versatility & Control, Rubber Grip For Maximum Comfort When Performing Applications, Compact Size & Light Weight Design 3.4 LBS, Allows Users To Get Into Tight Spaces When Performing Applications. Includes Drill, 2 Batteries, Charger, Insert Bit & Case, Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Free Service Contract.  

DeWalt DC750KA specifications

Battery Type
NiCad (NiCd)
Battery Voltage
9.6 Volt
Heavy duty 3/8-foot single sleeve ratcheting chuck for tighter bit gripping ability
Dual speed range (0-to-300 RPM and 0-to-1,100 RPM)
15-position adjustable clutch for added control
Weighs only 3.4 pounds; backed by a manufacturer's 1-year warranty
Included with this drill/driver: two batteries, charger, bit, and a heavy-duty carrying case
11.88 inches
4.63 inches
14.81 inches
3.4 pounds
Package Height
4.7 inches
Package Width
13 inches
Package Length
15 inches
Package Weight
8.05 pounds

DeWalt DC750KA reviews

Perfect Size, Plenty of Twist, Short Battery Life
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I've just bought a 2nd DeWalt 9.6V cordless drill to supplement my woodworking shop. My first is still going strong after over 6 years of use. The original batteries have just about died (I still have one good one) so rather than spend eighty-four dollars on two new batteries I spent about the same for a new drill kit that comes with two new batteries!

This drill is great for general purpose work and is small and lightweight enough to be a joy to use in tight places. Why lug around a beastly-size cordless drill when you don't have to? Only rarely have I found the 9.6V drill to be lacking in torque (I mostly drill in wood with 3/8" and smaller twist bits). If you need something with more speed and/or torque then consider the 12V (the upper speed of the 9.6V is 1,100 rpm vs. 1,400 rpm for the 12V).

Batteries recharge fast (less than 1 hour) but the ones for my newest drill seem to last only about 1/2 as long as the first batch did. And, they are NiCad so you need to make sure you top-off the charge if you've not used the drill in the past several DAYS. Short battery life between charges is my only complaint. The new drill models have a chuck lock which is most handy--you no longer have to hold the chuck still when loosening or tightening the chuck.

This is a great product from DeWalt and, except for the short batterly charge duration, I strongly recommend it.
Great Drill, Great Price.
This is a great drill for home repairs & light construction needs. Cordless makes it easy to manuver or to take up a ladder. DeWalt quality & reliability at an affordable price.
Powerful, small, short battery, a bit between home owner and contractor.
An excellent drill for those looking to spend about $70-90. While this drill seems expensive for a 9.6V model keep in mind it works as hard as similar priced 12V models. It is definitely a professional quality product. However, it does fall into that range where for a bit more money you get a 12V+ professional quality drill with more power and battery life. At a similar price point you get a 12V+ consumer drill that isn't really more powerful, is definitely bigger but offers better battery life.

I own the previous version of this drill, the DW926. The DW926 and the DC750 are the same but for the rubber grip surface and the great addition of a one handed chuck.

What's great about this drill? Well despite being small and light, it's reasonably powerful. I have had several cordless drills including this one, a DeWalt DC727 12V, Makita D6011 12V (the old school Makita cordless stick battery drill) and a Sears 12V ~$80 model (2 speed gearbox, not a super cheap 1 speed).

The little DeWalt has the about the same torque (200 in-lb) as my 12V Makita (234) or my Sears (225). Mind you it's not nearly as strong as my 12V DeWalt (350). At the same time the DeWalt is quite a bit more compact than the Sears or Makita models.

More volts doesn't always mean more power! Many people assume that battery voltage equates to how much power a drill has. That's just not true. It's more complex that that. Needless to say you can advertise big voltage and still have no power to speak of. Look at some of the cheap Black and Deckers (the maker of DeWalt) for examples of lots of volts but no torque.

So it can work just as hard as many of the consumer grade 12V models (harder than many 1 speed models). So what's the down side?

Well costs to some degree. If you can get this drill for say $70-90 it's good buy because the competing "home use" drills just aren't any more powerful. However, once you get to around $100+ the 12V+ models intended for contractors from DeWalt and other brands offer yet more power and in the case of DeWalt's own DC727 little increase in size or weight.

Battery life (the start that shines twice as bright...): Remember when I said this 9.6V was just as powerful as many home use type 12V drills like my Sears drill? Well there is a price you pay in battery life. The drill clearly trades battery life for power. My 12V Sears isn't really any more powerful but it lasts a lot longer on one battery. The DeWalt does come with two batteries but you may still use them faster than you charge them. So while this drill will work just as hard as a 12V or even some cheaper 14.4V drills it will run out of juice faster. That might give you pause if you are thinking about screwing in deck screws all afternoon.

In the end I really like the DC750. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this drill for medium duty jobs so long as the limited battery life isn't an issue. Otherwise I might suggest looking for a DC727. However, I would also suggest buyers consider stepping up to a 12V DeWalt for the extra battery life and power with little size increase or looking at something like the Sears 12V-14.4V line of home use drills. They are larger, chunkier, and hardly more powerful in the 12V case but they do have better battery life. Still, the DC750 a great little drill.
Never received it!!
I ordered this to get new 9.6 V batteries for my 15 Y.O. drills, since those batteries wouldn't hold a charge.
However, it seems that delivery by USPS didn't happen-----(a PO employee got there first). The 2 stars is for no delivery. I would give this drill 5 stars based on my usage experience over 15 years.
Don't let "9.6 Volt" fool you
I made the mistake of buying a cheap drill that was 12v or 14v, and it would last only 6 months. I just got this 9.6 volt drill to see how DeWalt would do, and I have to say that this drill is at least as powerful as those other drills.

It's very light, and makes a perfect screw gun since it's easy on the arms. It also comes with a second battery, and I find myself with hardly any downtime because of that. The charger is nice, quick, and helps you prevent overcharging your batteries. Have you ever picked up a tool and can tell that it's a quality tool? That's how this tool feels.
McPherson rates 9.6 vs. 14.4
DeWalt is by far the best cordless I have ever owned. The week after I bought this new and improved 9.6 (more compact than years back) the 14.4 went on sale at Lowes for $89.99 (reg. $149.99). Wish I would have waited. I paid $79.99 + shipping, $87.00 total. The 14.4 is a little better quality for gear adjustments and is a little smaller than the 9.6 on the length of the drill body. For home use, these drills last and last. Don't waste your money on the new lithium batteries, because according to a contractor I talked to, the lithium batteries don't last much longer per charge anyway. He always went back to DeWalt, and so will I. Jim Mc, Fargo, ND
Good basic drill
Good drill with good torque but unfortunately the battery does not hold charge long enough to finish the job. Otherwise a good product from a trusted name.
Good Buy
I was a little skeptical about buying this because there were many others with a higher power rating. This drill has more than enough power to get pretty much any job done around the house. I used it mostly to drill through wood and sheet rock. I also use it as screw driver. The bits are very easy and quick to change out. It also comes with two batteries and a charger. I am very satisfied.
Good solid drill
This is my first DEWALT tool. The drill is solid, well-made, comfortable to hold, and has plenty of torque. Definitely a step up from cheaper drill I used before, and worth paying extra for. I am using it for household work and hobby woodworking, and so far it was performing very well.

Initially I considered a 12V drill, and was not sure whether 3/8 chuck will be enough. Then Amazon had a deal on this one, and I took the plunge. Turns out, this one is more then enough for household and hobby use, and I have a corded drill for situations where I need 1/2" chuck and extra power (drilling into concrete walls and such).
great unit
I own and use about 10 of these commercially. The drills hardly ever die and they have all the power most would ever use. I buy refurb units to get the batteries, but now the new ones are close in cost. You wont be sorry...
Excellent service.
This drill was delivered exactly as Amazon said it would be. The recipient was very happy with it. I was extremely grateful that the gift was delivered when promised and in excellent condition.
Great household drill
In the short time I have been able to try it out, the Dewalt 9.6 volt drill has worked very well. It has a good comfortable weight and balance, and has been able to handle simple chores very well. I have had a number of lesser drills in the past and the quality is obvious from the first time I picked it up. I would certainly recommend to a friend.
Excellent Middle-of-the-Road Tool
I acquired mine for $20 at a pawn shop. (Price tag on the case read "drill-bit set" cashier opened the case... chuckled and said "well that's a good deal")

Excellent tool for general use. I use it as a cable installer about 95% of the time, only once in a while do I have to bust out my "real" drill, and that's usually because I've run the battery down and have no time to charge it. I would definitely pay the usual 70-90 for it.
Drill away :)
This product is awesome for the price -- thanks AMAZON!! THis drill help me out so much when I moved from my parents apt to my own new apt. Great product all the way around. This thing is heavy in a sense of well made construction(Quality). I had other drills before none compare to this. This drill will eat $200 overrated drills. Enough power for home installation and handy work. Thanks, for all the reviews to help me select one of the best!
Very useful and the battery charge lasts for weeks even if not charged/used. Wish it had more power for screws when driving through hardwood or I guess i should have bought a more powerful tool.
DEWALT DC750KA cordless
This tool works very very well. The battery performs for a long time and the spare battery is very useful.
Fantastic Cordless For the Lady in your life
I gave this to a dear friend and she loved it. It is the perfect size and weight to make use very comfortable.
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