DeWalt DC727KA Heavy Duty 12-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

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DEWALT DC727KA Heavy-Duty 12-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DC727KA description

What a super compact size—it looks like a toy and drills like a beast. At just about 3-1/2 pounds, it's like a feather to hoist overhead, but there is absolutely no sacrifice in torque, delivering 350 inch-pounds. We like the speed range choices, from 0 to 400 rpm in low gear and 0 to 1,400 rpm on high. The keyless chuck operates smoothly, and you get a flawlessly secure bit grip every time with the ratcheting mechanism. The grip is comfortable, and the whole tool feels supremely balanced for all-day comfort. It would be perfect for cabinet installers and HVAC ductwork because of its compact size, but we also think it's a great choice for the homeowner, especially those with smaller hands. DeWalt construction is rugged and durable, so you'll have this little worker around for years and years.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste  

DeWalt DC727KA specifications

4.7 inches
13.5 inches
14.75 inches
9.88 pounds
Package Height
4.5 inches
Package Width
13.5 inches
Package Length
14.5 inches
Package Weight
9.35 pounds

DeWalt DC727KA reviews

Right Drill...Wrong Price
helpful for 12 of 14 people
Amazon's alleged super savings price is only pennies below the price of your local hardware retailer. It's alleged list price of $150 is seldom actually paid for the 12v version of this product. I've used Dewalt now for over a decade and it is my favorite cordless drill (Makita is definitely more durable but far less pleasant to use on the site). I just purchased this very drill kit for $102 with shipping. Do some shopping, you'll beat this Amazon price with little effort.
More expensive than most but worth it.
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You all know that old adage of "getting what you pay for", I'd say it was probably said by someone dealing with cordless drills. I had to replace a trusted old Craftsman 9.6V that had the batteries finally give up the ghost. Faced with the prospect of just replacing the batteries I just looked at getting a new drill. I had a bunch of Home Depot gift cards laying about so I started pricing and reading reviews. I work in a General Contracting office and I put the question to all the Project Managers and subs "what brand of drill do you prefer?" The answer came back overwhelmingly DeWalt. I looked at the different models and prices and decided that the 12 volt was probably enough for me. The first order of business for the new drill was replacing my sectional garage door. I picked up a socket adapter and went to work. With a friends help I removed the old door and put up the new door in under an hour. I had to remove and put back nearly 100 screws and I had to drill seven new holes in the door frame for brackets and handles and such. It handled it all with out a hiccup.
I am greatly pleased with this drill and it's performance and quality. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Newbie Like This Drill
This is actually my first drill purchase. I used it yesterday and it worked great. A contractor friend of mine uses a Dewalt and likes it so that's why I bought it. I'm still getting used to the settings and it is a bit of trial and error for me since I am new in working with drills. But it did the job and it didn't put a lot of strain on my hands. I have small hands and it was comfortable to use.

I'm just wondering about the chuck, however. Not sure why there isn't a metal chuck on this drill. Maybe for weight or because of price...?

Anyhow, just my two cents.
dewalt makes drilling fun
solid, hard to describe how much fun and solid unless you've burned threw a few cheaper drills. Dewalt always satisfies.
Great 12 volt Drill/Driver
I have always preferred the Dewalt cordless drills for their fit and finish, although the larger, more powerful ones (such as the 18 volt XRP series) tend to be quite expensive. I currently own a Ryobi 18 volt drill, but while quite nice and powerful, it is also very large and heavy. I decided to buy a 12 volt drill for less intensive tasks, for its light weight and portability. My other criteria included two speeds (for both drilling and screwdriving) and a hard fitted case. This Dewalt fit the bill perfectly, and the price was very reasonable. I have been using it for a couple weeks and I find that I use it nearly exclusively.
great drill but i bought it for 89.99
TRUE VALUE hardware has it on sale till x-mas for 89.99..... there normal price is 149.99....get to a true value hardware store asap to pick one up....I did.....merry x-mas
Can't Beat DeWalt Cordless Tools
DeWalt sets the standard for construction tools. This 12v has the power of other's 18v, yet it is very light and easy to use for hours. I've been drywalling ceilings and walls each Saturday since I bought this and am very pleased that it is such a workhorse while holding a lengthy charge. Tom V.
Perfect size, big power
Of all the drills out there this one is a steal at 119.00. Being a home owner most of my projects take 2 or 3 hours. This drill packs enough power and run time to do the job. Backed by the Dewalt name this drill is perfect, 1 hour charge time too.
Fits a woman's hand and has the torque
I purchased the DeWalt DC727KA 12 Volt cordlesss drill for Landscape Designer friend. From time to time she has borrowed my 14.4 Volt cordless drill to use on specific work related installations. I had the occasion to visit a job site and noticed how my drill did not balance well in her hand. She is plenty strong - but the scale and fit of her hand to the drill was wrong.

I searched for what I thought would be the right cordless drill for her hand and applications. After reading a number of favorable reviews about this product I was convinced that it was plenty powerfull enough.

She has been using her DeWalt for more than a month. It fits her hand in away that makes it easier and safer to use than the drill she borrowed from me. Since I have received good service from other DeWalt tools, I expect that this one will also have a long and happy life.
DeWalt cordless drill - batteries
I own a 9.6v and 18v DeWalt cordless drill. I love the drill but hate the reliablity of the batteries. Batteries for both have failed twice.
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