DeWALT DC330K Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Top Handle Jig Saw Kit

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DEWALT DC330K Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Top Handle Jig Saw Kit

DeWalt DC330K description

Gentle curves, sharp turns, circles, ovals or straight cuts, it's all a cinch with this DeWalt. It's got so much power, it can easily take on jobs you'd normally hand to your circular saw, but it's got the finesse you need for cutting curves.

Our pet peeve with jigsaws has always been the complicated, tooled method of changing a blade, but bravo to DeWalt for engineering this tool-free, practically effortless blade changeout system. The flip of a lever is all it takes, and you're back on the job. It's nice, too, to not have to handle that sizzling hot blade - the saw ejects it for you.

Control is phenomenal, and it really feels like the saw does the work for you. It's on the heavy side at about 7 pounds, but that weight turns out to be an advantage. The motor powers the blade at 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute, so whether you're cutting 1/8th-inch ply or a 2-by-4, this saw does not disappoint. In fact, it's so powerful that it's easy to forget that this is, after all, a cordless saw. You can tailor the speed and aggression to suit your cutting needs with a four-position selector that changes the attitude of the blade for different cutting applications. The non-marring shoe bevels to 45 degrees with positive stops, but we found it a tad difficult to determine the exact angle we'd set. A minor quibble, but one worth mentioning.

We particularly like how this saw feels in hand. Even though it's weighty, it's beautifully balanced, and the curved rubber grip feels good to grasp. The shape of the front of the tools lends itself nicely to your free hand for guidance. And while you're cutting, the built-in dust blower really does a great job of keeping your cutting line clear. Carpenters and contractors will love this saw, and the do-it-yourselfer will find a hundred uses for it. Well worth the investment, we think. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste  

DeWalt DC330K specifications

Jig Saws
Variable speed 0-to-3,000 SPM
All-metal keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0-, 15-, 30- and 45-degrees
4-position orbital action for added control over cut quality and speed
Weighs 7-1/2 pounds; backed by a manufacturer's 3-year warranty
Included with jig saw: one-hour charger, 18-volt XRP battery pack, jig saw blades, and heavy-duty ki
5.25 inches
14.25 inches
16 inches
12.75 pounds
Package Height
5.4 inches
Package Width
14.2 inches
Package Length
15 inches
Package Weight
12.6 pounds

DeWalt DC330K reviews

Great Cordless Jigsaw
I have always used corded jigsaws in the past. I wanted something more mobile and have always been impressed with Dewalt tools. Well, they did not let me down again. This tool is fantastic. When sawing, it is very stable due to the weight. All the additional features make it a very useful tool for cutting jobs that require a jigsaw. I highly recommend this tool. Bill
I'm very pleased with my DeWalt jig saw kit. The kit comes complete with jig saw, battery, charger, and a couple of blades. It cuts efficiently and smoothly. For me, the best part is that it complements my other 5 XRP cordless tools. I always have a spare battery if I need one. I've also found that DeWalt sells high quality drill bits/saw blades. They work great together! I highly recommend this jig saw, and all the XRP tools. Individually, they may not be best in class, but they are surely runners up at the minimum. Collectively, as a set they are top notch. Whatever you choose, pick a system with a common battery/charger.
Wow. Dewalt does it again!
I recently bought this tool, as I am slowly replacing the cheap power tools I bought when I was younger. I used it the same day and it blew me away. Years of using cheap tools... I love the cordless option! Never again tripping over power cords is a really nice thing. The quick-action blade release is so nice after years of old tools that require a special tool and lots of time to replace/swap blades. It is smooth and quiet and feels really comfortable in my hands. The adjustments are simple and quick. All my projects are getting done so quickly and painlessly that I'm having to find more stuff to do with my free time! I am falling in love with DeWalt cordless tools!!!
Solid product, very well built!
I bought this as a LATE birthday present for my husband. From my perspective, it worked well and allowed us to finish the shutters we made for the house. From his perspective, please continue reading...

Overall I am impressed with the design of the tool. It was comfortable and easy to use. It's a far cry from the old jigsaws. The cut was precise and stable. This tool compliments the variety of 18 volt Dewalt tools I'm using. The only minor issue is that it was a little difficult to insert blades the first time. I would definitely recommend this tool!

Way to go Dewalt!
I think it may be a good saw if I ever get it out of the DeWalt repair center. When I received the saw it had a defective trigger, and the blade would not stay in the chuck. It has been in the shop since I received it and they say they can't parts (3 weeks). I think if I ever get it fixed I will like it.
Best JIGSAW ever created!
I bought this saw 6 months ago for a large full house remodel. I've used it extensively and have found it superior to any jigsaw I've ever used. With the 18v battery the unit is pretty heavy, which I feel helps make it less jumpy than others. The motor runs smooth. The quick change blade is such a nice relief from older models requiring an allan wrench. Very heavy duty tools made for a contractors daily use.
Jig Saw Kit
Outstanding and versatile tool. It practical and carries the same quality and dependability that I have come to enjoy in DeWalt cordless tools. I recommend this tool to all levels of do it yourselfers.
Great saw
I love DeWalt tools. I have used them for years and have never been disappointed. This is just another fine tool in their list of tools.
As good as its corded brothers
Pro's - Best I've ever used. The minimal qualities it looses to corded models it makes up for not having to deal with the cord. Great balance and power. Maybe Dewalts single best 18V tool.

Con's - I wish dewalt had a smaller and lighter batteries (worth what you might pay for them). I have not felt effects from the extra weight with this tool; it is nicely balanced.

Overview: I always mention Dewalts entire 18V platform in reviews. I have other 18V tools (3 different brands) but I now have 11 Dewalt tools and no other manufacture offers this on one platform.
Puts all others to shame except the corded Dewalt!
I have had the corded DeWalt for about 9 years, and never get over how superior it is to all other jigsaws--now the cordless is every bit as good---except, of course, when the battery starts running down and I didn't have enough time to charge the standbys! A real TOOL, not a toy like Craftsman or B&D.
Great for the money......on ebay
I bought this drill refurbished on Ebay. It works very well. The battery life is acceptable, actually quite good.

I use this to rough saw rounded edges before flush trimming with the router. It does well with this. It gets used mostly with 4/4 lumber with no problems.

If I had to pay for asking price, it still would be worth a repeat buy. I've gotten used to not worrying about a cord while cutting and that's really nice.
Any dewalt product a must have.....
Any of the 18volt cordless products are awesome and give you so much freedom to work
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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