DEWALT DC2PAKCA Heavy Duty XRP 18-Volt Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit, includes Hammer Drill and Reciprocating Saw

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DEWALT DC2PAKCA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Cordless 2 Tool Combo Kit, includes Hammer Drill and Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt DC2PAKCA description

DeWALT's version of cordless convenience sacrifices nothing in the way of speed and power, especially evident in these two tools.

First up is a hardworking brute of a hammerdrill that handles and balances beautifully and packs a patented three-speed transmission that gets you from 0 to 2,000 rpm in drill mode and 0 to 34,000 blows per minute in hammer mode. The half-inch Rohm chuck grabs the bit with carbide jaws and centers it quickly, then locks it in place with its ratcheting system. We were pleasantly surprised at how very little vibration is felt, even at max. The 360-degree handle is a nice feature that adds perfect control, and we found the fit and finish of the whole drill just superb.

The reciprocating saw has a great keyless blade clamp system that makes changing cutters a breeze, and it's surprisingly powerful, with up to 3,000 strokes per minute. The blade travels 1-1/8 inch on each stroke, so you get aggressive cutting and more even blade wear. You can set the blade in four positions to help you reach whatever you're cutting, and the depth adjustment couldn't be easier: Just push a button and adjust the shoe. The grip feels really good in your hands and cuts vibration as well as offering great control.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

What's in the Box
Hammerdrill/drill/driver, reciprocating saw, one-hour charger, two batteries, 360-degree side handle, six-inch recip blade, heavy-duty kit box


DeWalt DC2PAKCA specifications

Hammer Drills
Cordless Kit
18-volt cordless hammerdrill with maximum output of 480-unit-watts for effective drilling and fasten
18-volt cordless reciprocating saw delivers 0 to 3,000 spm and 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast, ac
4-position, keyless blade clamp for quick blade changes and improved precision
Ergonomic designs for improved control and comfort; extended battery life for convenience
Includes hammerdrill/drill/driver, reciprocating saw, one-hour charger, two 18-volt XRP batteries, 3
4.5 inches
23.38 inches
15.75 inches
23.5 pounds
Package Height
4.6 inches
Package Width
15.9 inches
Package Length
23 inches
Package Weight
22.2 pounds

DeWalt DC2PAKCA reviews

Great if you know how to use tools
The caps are for the batteries... and just remember kids power tools are for grownup and improper use can result in injury or death. If you dont know how to use it dont touch it....
The tools are great
The saw and hammer/drill are the normal Dewalt fine quality. Just a couple of minor complaints. First, the saw comes with just one blade, and it is very course. Second, included in the kit were two red plastic rectangles, about 1.5 x 7/8 inch, which look like they would cap something. I have no idea what they are for, and there is no mention of them in any of the literature. Third, speaking of said literature, the "manuals" are flimsy sheets of paper with tiny lettering and tiny pictures, printed in multiple languages. At this price level, you would expect something usable.
Smarter than the tools!
First of all these tools are awesome, I use dewalt tools daily and have seen them take more than their share of unreasonable abuse. The batteries tucker out after a while but that's to be expected, some of the older ones in my shop are starting to show wear on the gears. But those are older models that have been severely beaten. Secondly I would like to review this genius's review, the square peg goes in the square hole! Maybe you didn't play that game when you were a kid. If you need an instruction manual for a drill, maybe you should start off by buying a helmet. People buy the reciprocating saw to cut different things, and when you buy quality tools, you aren't going to get a variety pack of goodies for it. Just like anything you are going to have to buy the accesories seperately, or maybe they should start selling these with a pair of jeans and a tennis raquet?
Almost perfect
The Hammerdrill is very fast when drilling into concrete as compared to a the 18volt Panasonic or Hitachi. The drill has alot of torque for a cordless, which is great for drilling but horrible for putting screws into delicate projects, such as cabinets,and other furniture. The drill has better balance than the V28's (which I also considered buying) and a better bit holder (the bits are enclosed and cannot snag on stuff). This drill is also very durable, it has fallen of the tops of ladders and a house on one occasion. The Sawzall has good power for cordless, however less than the V28 that I tried, but it makes up for it with the 4 position blade clamp which is really a nice feature (main reason I got the sawzall). However the mail reason that I bought this tool set is because of DeWALT's extensive cordless tool line (more than 50 tools). The XRP batteries are old and heavy as opposed to the newer Lithiums, but atleast they are cheaper. The box itself is ok (when I got mine the hingle was bent, but I fixed it in a couple minutes). The only bad thing about this kit is that the clutch/selector has locked up on my drill, but this is probably because I hit a really big nail with an auger bit. Overall a great buy, I would Highly recommend this to any pro or serious DIYer
Dewalt Rules the cordless power tool market!
DEWALT DC2PAKCA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Cordless 2 Tool Combo Kit, includes Hammer Drill and Reciprocating Saw
These are great products! Big enough to handle most any job. I have been using the same hammer drill @ work for the last 2 years & it has never failed to perform. I would recommend both the reciprocating saw & the hammer drill!
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