Denali 567865 18V Cordless 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw (Bare Tool)

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Bare-Tool Denali 567865 18-Volt Cordless 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)


The Denali 18-Volt Cordless 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw was designed with the user in mind. Its compact form makes this saw a great choice when working in tight or confined work spaces. Equipped with an automatic brake and a spindle lock for quick and easy blade changes. The 5- 1/2-inch blade will cut a 2-by-4 in one pass. Maximum cut depth is 1-1/2 inched at 90 Degrees and 1-1/8 inches at 45 degrees. Package includes tool only. Denali 18-Volt Cordless Battery Pack and Smart Charger sold separately.

The Denali Story
Named after the tallest mountain range in North America, Denali tools stand above the rest in providing an exceptional blend of quality craftsmanship, professional-grade features, and customer value. All homeowners, hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, and price-conscious contractors will appreciate Denali's design and functionality. Denali products compliment one another and will be an indispensable and long-lasting addition to any home or workshop. Our products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure high performance standards. Denali tools are available exclusively on  


Circular Saws
The lightweight, compact, and powerful Denali cordless circular saw is a great choice when working i
5-1/2-inch blade can cut a 2-by-4 in one pass; 51 degree bevel provides additional capacity for spec
1-1/2-inch maximum cut depth at 90 Degrees, 1-1/8-inch at 45 degrees; 3,800/Min no load speed
Includes hex socket and parallel guide; uses any 5-1/2-inch replacement blade
Powered by Denali 18-Volt Cordless Battery (not included); 1-year warranty
Package Height
10.8 inches
Package Width
12.7 inches
Package Length
13.5 inches
Package Weight
7.2 pounds


moving target
This saw works O.K. but it is a little underpowered. It will cut a 2x4 but it will cut slower than many other consumer type 18 volt tools and is easy to stall it out. It also sucks the batteries flat very quick, 10 or 12 cuts and it is about done. Having said that it is still faster and easier than using a hand saw. At $15 or $16 it is a good value. At $30 or $40 you can do better. If you have the batteries and charger from another tool it could be a handy addition for light use, but if you need a saw that will cut 50 or 60 boards, look elswhere. Perhaps I got a bad one, but this is the least effective Denali tool I have purchased. The reciprocating saws and impact drivers work great.
A year after I bought the entire Denali 18v set, the BATTERIES ARE UNAVAILABLE. And the helpful little note from Amazon reads: "not sure if or when this item will be available." Amazon, this is absolutely unforgivable. At the very least, a responsible company would tell us if some other battery will fit the tool. And yet, Amazon still sells the 18v tools as "bare-tool," with no warning that batteries aren't available! And, yeah, after a year, the batteries (I have 2) are pretty much shot. Back when it had batteries, though, it was an "okay" tool, a little underpowered for anything but convenience use. The least effective of all the Denali tools, as another reviewer noted.
Weak... barely cuts through a 2X4!!!
I bought this not expecting much. Much worse than I imagined. Loses charge after a few minutes and can't handle anything over 1/2" thick without problems. Very disappointed.
Was Surprised By Its Power
I cut a long piece of 5/8" BC plywood, and it did the job marvelously. I cut a 2/4", and it did the job. It did bog down a bit. I am not sure how many 2/4" a person could cut on a charge, but if your just doing small jobs this is a good choice for circular saw.

One thing, I didn't find a sawdust bag, and a sawdust bag would be helpful. Looks like there is a place for one, but haven't been able to find one.

Another thing Denali is impossible to locate, on the web, so any information that you can't get through Amazon; will be unanswered questions.
Good little Saw, Obviously not a Power House
Obviously people are not going to buy this as a tool to do much, but it is convienient for jobs in odd places where you can't get a real tool. i pulled it out of the box, put a battery in it (purchased seperatly) and cut through a 2x4 with only minimal discomfort. it isn't going to replace any tool, but a nice addition for $17. with softer material this would probably be an even better buy for you.
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