Bosch SG45M 4500 RPM Drywall Screwgun

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Bosch SG45M 4500 RPM Drywall Screwgun

BOSCH (S-B Powertools) SG45M description

Includes 4500 RPM Drywall Screwgun - SG45M-RT.  

BOSCH (S-B Powertools) SG45M specifications

Screw Guns
BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
One Hand Removable Nose Piece: Provides fast and easy adjustments whether working in a variety of ma
Belt Clip Frees up hands for other important tasks
Soft Grip in the hand and finger grip areas For superior grip and control when driving screws
Ergonomic Grip Area: Contoured grip is designed to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue
Unique PosiLock Nose Piece Design: Retains depth setting when removed and eliminates time consuming
2.88 inches
12.75 inches
12.38 inches
5 pounds
Package Height
3.1 inches
Package Width
12.5 inches
Package Length
12.8 inches
Package Weight
4.65 pounds

BOSCH (S-B Powertools) SG45M reviews

Much better than a normal drill/driver
I am in the process of finishing by basement, and I decided to make the process a little easier, I was going to get a drywall screwgun. This past weekend, my brother and brother-in-law were helping me hang drywall on the ceiling, and I was using this screwgun and they were using an 18v drill/driver. I could drive 5 to 6 screws in the time it took them to do one, and each screw was the same dept, no torn paper and no having to go back to redrive screws that weren't all the way in.

I would very much reccomend this to someone who plans on hanging drywall, although I cannot yet speak for its long term durability, it seems very well made.
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