Bosch PS20-2 Litheon 10.8-Volt Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver With 2 Batteries

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Bosch PS20-2 Litheon 10.8-Volt Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver with 2 Batteries

Bosch PS20-2 description

Forty-percent lighter and 33-percent more productive than other ultra-compact drill/drivers, the Pocket Driver is small enough to fit into a tool belt pouch and lightweight and powerful enough to accomplish a majority of professional drill/driving tasks all day without fatigue. For carpenters, remodelers, electricians, woodworkers and more, the Pocket Driver is an invaluable complement to larger and heavier cordless drill/drivers. The 10.8-volt Pocket Driver measures only 6 by 6.5-inches, nearly half the size of stick drivers and other ultra-compact drill/drivers. Under 2 pounds (with battery), the Pocket Driver is also 40% lighter and comfortably fits into a tool belt pouch or back pocket, unlike the competition. The Pocket Driver can drive 100 3-inch screws per charge and drill holes up to 1/2-inch in diameter, more than enough to keep most professionals productive through the day. The variable speed trigger controls 0-400 rpm and over 80-inch/lbs. of torque. A 10+1 clutch system, similar to those of standard drill/drivers, offers 10 drive and one "Max" drill setting for better control. The tool's Clic-Change bit holder makes 1/4-inch hex shank bits changes quick and easy. And an LED light enhances visibility in dim working conditions, while a soft-grip handle makes the tool more comfortable for all day use. Litheon 10.8-volt tools, such as the Pocket Driver, were not possible before lithium-ion technology. In addition to larger more powerful 36-volt tools, Bosch recognized the opportunity to extend the inherent benefits of the new battery technology to innovate the lower end of the voltage spectrum with a never before seen ultra-compact, lightweight and powerful design. The Ultra-Compact Bosch PS20 LITHEON 10.8-volt Pocket Driver comes complete with two batteries, 30-minute charger, soft carrying case and two bits.  

Bosch PS20-2 specifications

6-by-6-1/2-inches; 1.8-pounds; 3-year protection plan
10.8-volt lithium-ion cordless pocket screwdriver
Small and light cordless screwdriver for carrying in tool belt
Rugged, lightweight plastic casing; LED light; quick-change chuck
Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries, 30-minute charger, soft carrying case, 2 bits
4 inches
10 inches
12 inches
4.9 pounds
Package Height
4.3 inches
Package Width
9.8 inches
Package Length
14.8 inches
Package Weight
5.4 pounds

Bosch PS20-2 reviews

Worked well for 1 year
motor burned out after just one year. after the warranty ran out of course.
Special Ops Tool
This tool is obviously not suitable for every job you could do with a cordless drill/driver, but for a power tool you hardly know you are carrying, it excels at many light drilling/driving tasks. It would not do as your only cordless drill/driver, nor do I think Bosch intended it to fill that role. This tool of necessity has a low speed for higher torque trade off, so if you need to drive a lot of big screws fast, or drill a lot of holes fast, use your bigger drivers, this is your putter. For some jobs I do, like installing many pieces of cabinet hardware, or pulling down countertops to cabinets this tool is perfect, especially with the bright little light (which you can use as just a flashlight with partial trigger pressure). If you doubt that Bosch has created a whole new tool category, notice the imitators lining up to knock off this well designed tool, with Milwaukee and Hitachi coming out with similar "sub-compacts."
Great little tool
Got tired of dealing with a 14 volt drill/driver. Just more torque and power than I needed about 90% of the time. This little drill/driver is just the tool for most of my projects. Easy to use and light weight. More power than I expected. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Close to perfect
All the good stuff in the other reviews is right on - this little marvel is a workhorse with plenty of power that lasts and lasts. I'm not sure why people want to put a real chuck on this, it's a driver NOT a drill. If you want a drill, get the PS40.

My only peeve is the reversing switch. I have good sized hands and it's almost impossible to screw in more than 3-4 screws before moving it accidentally with the side of your index finger. I guess I was spoiled by the Makita 9.6V drills with a switch on the back, reachable by your thumb but out of the way, which was a lot more secure than the sideways slide switch (which my DeWalt drill has too).
Bosch PS20-2 Pocket Driver Review
Excellent product. I bought two of these for my contractors to use. They use them to remove small screws on medical equipment. The torque settings work great not to over tighten screws and break cases. Great quality. Extra fast battery recharging. 30 min or less.
Great Tool

I've had this little driver for a little over a mo.So far i've found it to be one of the handiest drivers i have.Fact is,my bigger ones hardly
get used.I,d certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact
driver with plenty of power.
Perfect size and weight and power for me
I am a woman and love this drill--It is easier for me to use than the DeWalt we had. I gave that to my brother-in-law. It is a little pricey considering it only comes with 2 bits but having 2 lithium batteries is a god-send when working on projects around the house and not being as heavy is important to me. I have a little Skil cordless that I use for the small jobs. This is a perfect compliment. So far, we haven't found anything it can't do for our remodeling around the house.
Everything I'd hoped it would be
Great size... loads of power... I love the lithium batteries... It is.. everything I'd hoped it would be..
Works 'ok' at normal temperture
I've owned this driver for 2 months now and am very disappointed with it's overall performance. It works 'ok' at best. I'm a locksmith and have used several drivers over the years. At only 80lbs of torque it replaces a manual screwdriver at best. In the cold weather, (forget about it), the lithium-ion battery completely shuts down until you warm it up in your pocket. Overall it looks and feels great but should you buy a tool because it looks cool or because it can perform the jobs you ask (and i'm not asking much of it either).
Don't think to much about it..
A lot of reviews here, all good. Just buy one you will not be disappointed. The biggest asset of this product is, the ability to get into tight spaces and do so with one hand as a result of the balance of the driver and for this little guy...the power is will NOT be disappointed...
It's a 10.8 volt guys
I have read some of the reviews on this tool saying it lacks power etc. I first heard about this drill in a trade magazine that gave it a solid review. Looking at some of these Amazon reviews you would think this drill was a hunk of junk. Not true. I am a home builder/remodeler 15 years. I figured I would give it a shot despite the negative reviews. In my opinion it does exactly what a 10.8 volt drill should do. Nothing more, nothing less. The battery lasts long and the drill fits in a large pocket perfect. The 30 min. charger is compact and fast.
if your looking for buying a drill/driver, your search is done. this thing has all the power you could need, with a variable trigger, and a led. i have owned it a month or two now, and it is just great. i am a tv repair man, and i use this all day, everyday. the batteries charge in no time, and last very long. i can take ~500 screws out and still have a decent charge. i love the led, because when i'm inside the tv, i can use that led to read color codes off resistors, device numbers, etc. bottom line. BUY THIS you will never need another drill/driver.
awesome driver
This is perhaps the best driver on the market. I have owned mine for 6 months now and am completely satisfied.

A reminder to prospective buyers: This is not a drill! It does not claim to be a drill. Though I have use mine to drill when the proper tool was not immediately available (and It performed better than I expected) this is meant to perform the same tasks one would use a traditional screwdriver for.

The charge time is fast and performs a good deal of work per charge, the light is handy,the clutch and electric brake work admirably, the tool is durable (it has suffered several falls in my clumsy hands with no ill effect), it is light weight and ergonomic and thus quite comfortable to use and comes with a very nice soft case.

I feel i should come up with at least one con so I wish it had a spare bit holder.
Packs a punch
This thing has good power in a small package. It's nice and light, and it fits into small spaces. My only negative, which is a small gripe, is that the bit removal seems to be counter-intuitive compared with similar tools I've used. Instead of pulling the release towards the trigger, you pull away from it. Maybe I'm just used to my old DeWalt. Still an excellent product though. I'd buy it again.
Small and full featured
This screwdriver is more expensive than many others but comes with features others may be missing: two long-lasting batteries, a latching chuck, variable speed starting very low, an automatic brake, an adjustable clutch, and a built-in light.
In small tool, a big power
I work all day for 8hr continually, non stop.
The battery are easy to charge and fast only 30'.
You mast have one.
Bosch PS20-2 Pocket Driver
Bosch has always made some of my favorite tools. When I saw the Pocket Driver at a trade show and felt how light and powerful it was, I knew I found a great all-around screw driver for my business. I can use it for pocket screw joinery because the torque settings snug things up without crushing the wood. With the variable speed trigger, I can use it for controlled installation/removal of slotted screws. Contrary to some reviews, I even do some light drilling to start small screws (Vix Bits). Three people have tried mine and immediately bought their own. My DeWalt is now only used for drilling holes. Now I'm looking seriously at the Bosch Impact Driver for those screws the Pocket Driver can't handle.
Samson vs. Goliath
First let me tell you how this tool is used. I am a painter and a cordless drill/driver, has always been my go to tool, for things like removing switch plates, hanging alittle drywall or patching and repairing, installing and removing shutters,downspouts etc.
In the past I always used a 12volt drill/driver tool for those tasks.
The little bosch is just the right size tool when all you need is something small like when working from a ladder etc.
It has a solid build. It looks like a toy but far from it. Not as powerfull as the 12v makita it replaced but nonless it is up to the tasks above.
The clutch works very well with noticeable differances in every postion.
Battery life has been excelent and recharges fast.
The light helps in low light but as others have said the led is in the
wrong position to be a great asset. (but better then nothing)
The "cloth" tool bag is the low point for me on this package. Not much room for anything but whats included in the package. Extra bits maybe, but thats it.

Bottom line is. Small is good! Highliy recomended. It serves it's purpose for what it was designed to do, quit well, but don't expect it to do the work of a larger or more powerfull tool.
Perfect for the computer shop
We assemble computers, repair printers, do network installations, build equipment racks. All this gear comes with tons of screws, and assembling 10 machines a day with a manual screwdriver is tiring and time consuming.

We used a pen-style 3-Volt cordless driver before the PS20. It had no adjustable clutch, had no speed control, was slow to recharge, and had a very limited torque.

This driver is not much bigger than a pen-drive, sits nicely in the hand without fatigue, and the max 700 RPM is exactly what we need to get the job done in a snappy way.

What I absolutely love is the wide range of the clutch: No chance to bust the threads of a 2.5 mm metal screw with a low clutch setting, although it goes in at max RPM. The low mass of the chuck is an advantage here.

On the highest clutch setting, you need to apply an unexpected force to hold the tool. It can develop a surprisingly high torque for it's size.

Bottom line: A lot of recent technology is packed into this tool. It looks like a toy, but is a serious time-saver in a small package.
Absolutely professional grade
I purchased this driver when it first hit the market. I loved it from the start. It had long run-time and plenty of power. I use it all day, every day on all types of screws and to drill the occasional hole. I am an appliance servicer and at the end of the day this tool is a hand-saver. I will say that I had to replace my first one because I got it wet too many times and it gave out on me. Its not a big deal because when you use tools professionaly you do have to replace them because of wear and tear and sometimes just plain misuse. The upside is that I now have 4 batteries total, I can go weeks at a time without having to charge. I recommend this tool to everyone.
Nice size but not enough torque and battery doesn't like the cold
I own a remodeling and cabinet making business and got this tool two years ago. The tool is great for small jobs where alot of torque isn't needed because it easily fits in my tool pouch or back pocket and bit changes are a snap. But it has trouble driving screws larger than standard drywall screws and it is slow when used to drill pilot holes. It also won't hold a charge in the cold. If I leave the tool in my truck overnight in the winter, it won't drive a single screw no matter what the size. Nevertheless, this is the first tool I reach for because of its convienient size. If it can't do the job, I switch to a bigger tool.
THE best power tool I've ever owned.

LOVE IT! An AMAZING little tool. And, it holds a charge forever! Never have needed to use it (even after it's set unused for months) when I had to charge it first. Would hate to be without it. Have experienced none of the few negatives I've read. Perhaps my using it for "homeowner-type" projects only where others have tried using it professionally explains this phenomenon. In any event, one more time . . . I LOVE it!
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