Bosch 1194AVSRK 8 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

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Bosch 1194AVSRK 8 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Bosch 1194AVSRK description

Bosch's two-speed gearbox lets you match speed and torque to the job at hand. A dual-function control lets you switch quickly and easily from rotation to hammer action, and a mounted depth gauge is a nice touch other makers ought to adopt. The auxiliary handle attaches easily and rotates a full 360 degrees to let you work at any angle. The keyed chuck accepts up to ½-inch bits, and at 5 pounds, it's far from the heaviest drill of its caliber. The soft grip and comfortable trigger with lock-on button further relieve hand strain. The case will withstand all kinds of jobsite abuse. You can't beat Bosch.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste  

Bosch 1194AVSRK specifications

Hammer Drills
8.0 Amps, 0-1000/2600 RPM, 0-16,000/0-41,600 BPM
2 Speed gear box - Matches speed and torque to the job
Dual function control - Quickly converts from rotation only to hammer w/rotation
Variable speed and reversing switch offers complete control for drilling, driving and removing bits
All ball and roller bearing construction - Smooth Power transmission and extended tool life
7.68 pounds
Package Height
4.3 inches
Package Width
12.1 inches
Package Length
15.7 inches
Package Weight
8.4 pounds

Bosch 1194AVSRK reviews

Inexcusable Quality
Hammer/Drill switch did not function out of box. Two speed switch did not function out of box. I did not know how to give Zero stars but that is what this product deserves. There is NO excuse for this kind of shoddy quality/workmanship. I also recently purchased a Bosch (Dremel) rotary tool that failed after two minutes of use. Returned for repair and it once again failed in less than two minutes. I threw it in the trash. I should have learned my lesson about Bosch quality then. Be assured I will never order another Bosch product!!
Bosch can keep the fancy chuck key and give me a better case!
Pros: It's corded; no more rechargables for me! The drill itself has met my hobby level wood working expectations.

Cons: It's corded; cord like all cords gets in the way. Cheap, low quality case. When open, the case is flimsy and the hinges are very thin. The plastic inside the case is sharp and jagged. The layout inside the case in not intuitive and will take a couple of trys to get everything back in. The chuck key has a spring loaded needle at the end that will eject the key should you forget to remove it from the chuck. It complicates the insertion more than meeting its purpose.
Bosch Drill
The product arrived on time and is what I expected. I would buy from this vendor again
Outstanding 1/2" hammer drill, and refurbished is a phenomenal deal
This is the best drill I have ever used for concrete. One hole after another until the bit is dull. I bought it refurbished, and other than a sticker saying "factory refurbished" I couldn't tell it from new.
Powerful, flexible, well-made drill
Well, this is a very solid, well-made drill that's smooth and easy to use. Relatively light but very powerful, it drove 10-inch timber spikes easily, especially on the high-torque setting. Haven't needed the hammer capability yet.

I was cross-shopping the well-regarded Milwaukee Magnum Hole-shooter for about the same price. The Bosch is rated at 8 amps (vs. 5.5), and of course has the 2-speed drive gearing and the hammer-drill capability, neither of which is available on either the Magnum ($90) or the 8amp Milwaukee ($160).

Although the Bosch case is lightweight, at least they include a case! It's held up for me so far, and I've not broken the depth gauge either. Not sure why people downgrade these "extras" when the drill itself is the star and at a good price, too. Highly recommended.
Very good drill
The drill is very nice. Used it with a 3/4 masonary bit and a 1 1/2 spade bit, had plenty of power for it. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is the case. It is cheap plastic and I doubt it will last long.
Another great Bosch product
The name says it all, i bought this product based on previous reviews and was not disappointed, another fine quality Bosch product at an excellent price. I'm glad i bought this on Amazon/CPO Bosch because where i live i would have ended up paying double the cost locally.
Great tool
I bought this drill just to put in Tapcons. Previously it took me 2 minutes or more, with a lot of muscle power, to drill the hole for a Tapcon. With this drill it literally took 15 seconds. It's powerful and feels good in my hands. I highly recommend it for anyone doing any type of drilling in concrete. And it's a Bosch so you know it's great quality.
Great Drill
This drill has done all I've asked of it. I've owned it about a year now and have used it mostly for drilling in concrete, block and stone. It has plenty of power, runs smooth and I love the full trigger. The depth guage works great for me. I am not a contractor but do many jobs for and with friends and family and am also remodeling my house so it has been used alot. I would highly recommend this tool.
Strong drill
I bought this because my Makita drill couldn't keep up. This drill is much more powerful. I don't use the depth gauge so that was no problem. The case does look cheap. I sat and worked the clips that hold the case closed back and forth expecting them to break. They didn't, that doesn't mean they are good though. The variable speed quit under heavy use. Still for the price I think it was a good buy and would do it again.
hammer on
After my Harbor Freight junk coughed its guts trying to pierce my basement floor this Bosch didn't break a sweat knocking out the task. It's quite simply a well balanced powerful professional drill. The kind of quality that makes you consider this brand for any power tool purchase.
Better than a big hammer drill
Works great going into the basement apts,as far as I'm concerned its as good as my large hammer drill and not as heavy and has the power.
Another solid drill
I've been pleased with this drill's solid construction and excellent torque and speed control. I've used it a few times for concrete and it's done very well (easy switch masonry-wood, good power). Overall, it will drill holes in most wood types like they're a stick of butter.

It might be a little heavy for sustained overhead work, but that's a minor nit.
Solid drill that works well
This is a great hammer-drill. It's solidly constructed. Both grips are excellent, and the front one is easy to adjust to different angles. The speed and hammer switches are easy to use and feel durable. Best of all, it works very well, putting holes in brick and concrete walls in literally 1/50 the time it took me with a regular (non-hammer) drill before. It goes through masonry like butter.

My only complaints are that: 1. the depth gauge is plastic, and flimsy. It works fine, but I worry that it will break. Also, 2. taking it in and out of the case is a whole ordeal. You have to remove the depth gauge and then remove the front grip. Each has a separate place in the case and the drill won't fit in the case fully assembled. The upside of this is that the case is relatively compact, but it's an inconvenience all the same.
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