Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

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Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

Bosch 11316EVS description

SDS-max© bit system; Variable-speed dial; Constant Response Circuitry; Service Minder light; Vario-Lock positioning; Padded rear handle; 360° Auxiliary handle; Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA; Includes: Auxiliary Handle, Carrying Case  

Bosch 11316EVS specifications

Hammer Drills
SDS-max bit system - tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum i
Variable-speed dial - for controlled chipping applications
Constant Response Circuitry - - Provides soft-start - Maintains constant speed under load - Provides
Service Minder light - indicates when preventative maintenance is required
Vario-Lock positioning - rotates and locks chisel into 12 different positions to optimize working an
36 pounds
Package Height
6.2 inches
Package Width
16.7 inches
Package Length
25 inches
Package Weight
32.4 pounds

Bosch 11316EVS reviews

Wish I would have bought it sooner
helpful for 8 of 10 people
As a DIY'er, I was hesitant to spend this kind of money for something that I was just going to use for home improvement projects. However, after a year of struggling with trying to dig in my rock-hard clay soil, I finally gave in. I haven't been disappointed!

Since this is the only demo-hammer I've used, I really can't compare it to anything else, but I'm very happy with the tool's performance and quality. Using this beast is a little bit of a workout, but I'm sure it's much easier than trying to handle a full sized jack - especially if you have any horizontal hammering to do. So far I've used it to dig out a good sized footer for a retaining wall, trench for drainage/irrigation lines, demolish a BBQ island built from concrete block, and break out a small area of 4" concrete sidewalk. What a timesaver!
Quality makes all the Difference! High Quality = Bosch!
helpful for 2 of 8 people
I am trilled with this hammers performance. hands down Bosch is the Best!! Bosch craftmanship is superior, no complaints what so ever. I highly recommend
Bosch--The Best
helpful for 2 of 7 people
Very durable, reliable, quality is outstanding, it gives never ending power, can count on it everytime to get the job done. I highly recommend this great tool.
rob in Marathon
I rented a copy of this tool locally--it was brand new--I guess most of the entire stock of the tool rental store was destroyed last year during Hurricane Wilma. I wanted to see if it would work well busting out a second floor tub/pool that a previous owner had in the house. The tub/pool was on second floor but hung down into the first floor kitchen. The tub was 12 inch thick, overly/excessively reinforced with with 5/8 inch rebar throughout. The tub was 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, & 4 1/2 feet deep. The tool was working so well, that after one-day rental, I decided to buy one on Amazon to complete the project at my leisure. With a friend's help, we knoocked it out in two days & I could not have done it without this demolition hammer . . . EASY to use & hold but POWERFUL. I thought I'd sell the tool at about 1/2 of what I paid on Amazon after I was finished, BUT, I loved this tool so much I'm keeping it in my tool collection. This Bosch powerhouse is a keeper. Oh boy, if only I had this too years ago . .. It has a great storage case & easy to pull out, load a chisel & you're off. And it has a great long, heavy duty power cord built in so even if you need an extension cord, you have plenty of cord to keep it far out of your working area. I love, really love this tool, & of course, it lives up to the Bosch high-quality reputation. Oh, also got this on a 10% Amazon discount with free shipping . . . worth every single cent . . . This tool is idiot proof.
Best tool I have ever owned
I have owned this hammer for several years now. I originally bought it because I needed to repair my very old foundations, and it was nearly impossible to dig through the very heavy clay and sandstone that my house is built on. This tool combined with the clay spade made digging the holes and trenches I needed possible. It's small size relative to other brands made it much easier to use. I also own the larger yellow breaker hammer for the big concrete breakup jobs, but I still often end up reaching for this one. It may take longer, but the light weight makes it much easier to use, especially when you are trying to break into something at an angle. The ability to rotate the bit is also extremely useful when digging holes with the clay spade.
excellent I-lost-my-key tool
A door at the office got locked the other day.

...and we don't have a key for it.

A friend came in, eager to try out his lockpick tools, because that's what all the hip kids at Defcon do these days.

That took 45 minutes and didn't get the door open.

A valiant attempt, and I appreciate the willingness to help out.

Today I went in the office, along with my Bosch electric rotary demolition hammer.

The chisel tip bit deformed the face of the lock in about 10 seconds, and then strange sounds started coming out...just before bezel deformed an popped off, the barrel of the lock sunk into the door a half inch and rotated 90 degrees, and the door popped open.

From the inside, I backed out three screws, slapped the lock barrel with a hammer, and picked up the pieces off the floor.

The lock barrel was almost too hot to touch from the high speed abuse it had taken.

Advantage: brute force, by 44 minutes and 42 seconds.

I've also cut holes through cinderblock and concrete slabs with this tool.

There is no comparison, great demo hammer!
My Dad's business has used this hammer for years (10+) and there really isn't anything else out there that compares to it. We work on refractory (high temp insulating concrete) on commercial and industrial boilers and this hammer allows you to get into the smaller spaces and do some serious destruction on a tear out. I bought one on amazon after the first one the company had finally kicked the bucket. I wouldn't doubt if it had over a thousand hours on it. The new one we just bought already has about 20 hours on it in two days, and ran flawlessly. I know it has an overheat sensor to prevent damage, but I've never seen one overheat.

This is a great tool that just reeks with quality and I hope Bosch continues to make for years to come.
good, but wish it hit harder
nothing wrong with this product. for its size, it's fine. I just wish it hit a little harder, because it takes so long on some rocks. seems well built and reliable.
Perfect demolition tool for non-vertical work
I've used this tool for 9 months now and absolutely love it. It is one quality tool and built to work and last. I've used it to demolish a block wall, and break up cement sidewalk and stairs. It works great for any job where you have to move the hammer around a lot as the weight doesn't fatigue the arms as heavier tools would yet it still packs a wallup. It only hammers when there is pressure on the tip, which is nice. The only challenge was thick high-strength sidewalk (about 7 inches thick - don't ask me why) - it did it, just took a while. It's a little short for pure vertical work unless you get a longer chisel - otherwise you are uncomfortably bent over a bit. I find myself working on my knees a lot with it (my chisel has gotten pretty short now - time for a new one). But it's perfect for breaking through walls and close-quarter work. I can't over-emphasize how important it is that it's a light-weight hammer for lifting/horizontal work.

The only problem I had was with the cord where it went in to the tool broke a wire inside but it was relatively easy to take it apart and shorten the cord.
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