Bosch 1005VSRK 5.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill

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Bosch 1005VSRK 5.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill

Bosch 1005VSRK description

The Bosch 1005VSRK 3/8-inch VSR drill features a comfortable contoured grip that minimizes fatigue and offers multiple gripping positions. The drill has a heavy-duty 5.5 amp motor, along with a 3/8-inch keyless chuck for easy bit changes. Its fully hardened cut-steel gears provide quiet operation and long life. The drill runs at 0 to 2,500 rpm, measures 10 inches long, and weights 3.9 pounds. Kit includes plastic carrying case and convenient belt clip.  

Bosch 1005VSRK specifications

Pistol-Grip Drills
5.5 amp motor, 0-2,500 rpm
3/8-inch keyless chuck
Variable speed trigger with reversing switch for greater control
Lock-on switch for ease of operation
Ergonomic handle
4 inches
12 inches
12 inches
6.3 pounds
Package Height
3.9 inches
Package Width
12.1 inches
Package Length
12.1 inches
Package Weight
5.7 pounds

Bosch 1005VSRK reviews

Is this really a Bosch?
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I bought this drill after my old Makita was stolen. I thought it would be made in either the U.S. or Germany--Malaysia is not in Germany. This tool is a piece of JUNK. It is loud, but does not have any power. I have since bought a Milwakee, and the Bosch sits on the shelf gathering dust. Don't waste your money.
Great Drill
I have used this model that my friend has owned for years and have found it to be reliable, powerful to the point that it puts other drills to shame, and have yet to find a project it couldn't tackle. I finally decided to buy one for myself, and am glad I did. The only complaint I have is that sometimes it is too powerful to control when you need to go slow. I highly recommend it.
Great buy
I was very pleased with the quality,price,delivery and sales transaction at Amazon. I have never been disappointed with Amazon.
worth the money
the product was a good for the money

next time amazon might ask there sellers to ship in an amazon.con box
if this item has to go to a state prison it needs to come in a box that says amazon.con on it
It's a good little drill
How can you beat it for the money? I have probably 8 different battery operated drills, a couple heaver duty Porter Cables and even an old Rockwell that's over 25 years old. They all have their place. My older Bosch - much like this one and probably 15 years old is still running and the last one just like this got stolen. I bought it to keep in my work van to use in conjunction with or in place of my battery driven drills for those times when you need more speed, consistancy, power or for when the last battery dies.
It's nice and light, comfortable to use and it does a good job. It certainly isn't for use with a 4" hole saw, but if you took your time it'd probably do that too. Great for occasional use and the factory rebuilt tools seem as good as the new ones. If you need a heavier drill, then spend more money. I wouldn't expect this to hold up to day in an day out heavy abuse, not for the price, but then again, my other one has lasted.
nothing special
It works decently for me, but it isn't extremely powerful or anything. I mainly use it as an extra driver for wheelchair ramps where it keeps up with a master mechanic 18v driver.
Cheap drill, but solid
I purchased this drill because I was looking for an inexpensive corded drill, and because my Bosch table saw is an excellent tool. I'm a homeowner/woodworker, and I do most of my work my garage workshop, so battery-powered drills don't get me much. This drill does fit the bill.

I bought the drill, figuring that the reviews mentioning an inconsistent startup issues mentioned by the other reviews were old, and that Bosch would have fixed the issue. But, alas, it's hard to tell exactly when and how quickly the drill will turn. It's like the drill I learned to use 20 years ago as a kid. This absolutely fine if you're drilling holes with conventional bits around the house -- but if your main use for this tool were to drive screws or turn a doorknob cutter, this drill would drive you crazy.

Also, the motor's reduction-gear make an unexpected mechanical noise. I took the drill apart and there was no inappropriate wear anywhere, so it's all good. But it's just surprisingly for those of us who are accustomed to modern drills.

The motor is reasonably powerful and I have yet to have it bog down on anything.

It's a solid tool with decent ergonomics, and I expect it will give me years good service. But, in the mean time, I'll be keeping an eye out for that elusive perfectly-designed reasonably-priced basic corded electric drill.
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