Li-Ion Cordless Combo Kit from Black & Decker VPX903X1

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Black & Decker VPX903X1 Li-Ion VPX Starter Set with Power Screwdriver, Cut Saw, Flashlight, and VPX Battery with Charger

Black & Decker VPX903X1 description

VPX, Charge Starter Set, Includes Cut Saw, Screwdriver, Flashlight, 1 VPX, Battery, 1Port Charger, VPX, 1301x 1VPX Cut Saw, Versatile Design, Cuts Almost Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Tool Free Blade Change, Accepts Standard Jig Saw Blades, 2 Included, 1401 1VPX Flashlight, Breakthrough Lithium-Ion Technology, Up To 5 Hours Of Runtime Per Charge, Belt Clip&Adjustable Bungee Cord Allow You To Secure Flashlight Almost Anywhere, 1101x 1VPX Screwdriver, Design Performance, All The Power In A Compact&Comfortable Size, Control At Your Fingertips, 2 Speeds For Screw Driving&Light Duty Drilling.  

Black & Decker VPX903X1 specifications

Cordless Kit
Black & Decker
Cordless tool combo kit powered by rechargeable, interchangeable VPX 7-volt Lithium Ion battery pack
VPX cut saw with tool-free blade change system
VPX power driver with two speeds for driving and drilling
VPX flashlight with three long-lasting LEDs
Includes a VPX screwdriver, VPX cut saw, VPX LED flashlight, one 7-volt VPX battery, and one VPX bat
Black & Decker
3.7 inches
11.8 inches
16.5 inches
5.5 pounds
Package Height
3.9 inches
Package Width
11.9 inches
Package Length
16.5 inches
Package Weight
5.4 pounds

Black & Decker VPX903X1 reviews

Don't buy this JUNK! I bought this - it fell apart - Amazon said it was not eligible for return (It fell apart days after I received it) and I ended up throwing away. I see this set in stores and only laugh! I'm not kidding, folks. You will regret buying this is you need to do more than tighten a screw lodged in jello. It can't handle much more than this!
A good and bad surprise.
First, I'm in my eighth decade and am experienced with tools.

This product concept, and its execution, create the most cost-effective set of lithium-battery tools on the market. The tools are excellent, the price is right, and so far everything seems both effective and indestructible despite hard usage.

The A123 batteries are incredible as to their power (current dumping), ability to store energy for long periods, and recharge times.

The bad news is that B&D somehow failed in the marketing department - and this extraordinary product has left most retailer shelves.

A store manager said that the VPX product line confused the consumer, who otherwise buys other lithium powered units at twice the price. If he's right, that's the last reason to discontinue the VPX line. In the U.S. market, the product that offers the most for the money should succeed. If that story is valid, in this case the product's failure has nothing to do with merit, or with benefit to the consumer. Rather, it's the benefit (profit) to the retailer that influenced the decision - and that's just plain wrong.

I have the whole suite of VPX tools with a few duplications, made significantly less costly due to promotional prices. However, I would consider these tools a bargain at their original MSRP.

The 7.2V Handsaw performs very well.
I did not buy the starter kit, just the handsaw which came with one charger and one battery. The saw is actually very handy and it has good run time off of the one VPX battery. I use it primarily to cut holes in drywall instead of my DeWalt rotary cut-out tool. It's much neater. The back and forth movement of this handsaw's blade allows the drywall dust to basically fall downward while the high-speed rotating action of the cut-out tool hurls it about in all directions.

Although the sawblade has a tendency to bounce a bit, once you get the hang of holding it at the correct working angle and letting the saw do the work, it performs smoothly. And, with a little practice and the right blade, you can successfully make plunge cuts into softer material like drywall and thinner material like 1/8" pressboard.

I use special inexpensive drywall jigsaw blades that ACE Hardware sells. Their blades are shorter - an important consideration when cutting holes into drywall - and the teeth make a good, quick and clean cut in the drywall itself with minimal edge tear out. On several occasions, I have used a metal cutting jigsaw blade to cut through some metal shelving and also an aggressive wood cutting jigsaw blade to quickly go through firring strips.

The toolless blade change feature is simple and quick. The combination of the two switches required to make this saw operate can be a bit tiring to deal with at times but having only one trigger with no safety in place could be disastrous. So, it's a necessary and worthwhile inconvenience.

If you're looking for a handy saw for light and/or occasional cutting jobs, check this 7.2V VPX handsaw out. It's a very good compromise between a manual keyhole saw and an electric reciprocating saw.
Good for what it is
Don't buy this package thinking that you are getting a heavy duty tool set, obviously. It's strengths are that the tools are lightweight, easy-to-handle, and maneuverable. I have used the driver most often and it has decent power given it's small size. None of these are hefty tools, however, and they don't give you a firm feel like better-made tools. They are quite useful for jobs that don't require much power. I bought this as a second set of tools for convenience and light-duty jobs; I have not been disappointed in it given my expectations. Good for basic around-the-house jobs.
fair to middlin'
This set gets mixed reviews.
The driver has plenty of punch, and is easy to use. plus the lith -ion power stores well. B & D missed the chance to hit a home run by not having a clutch -- it's too easy to stip screw heads. Also, a light would help. Switching seems stiff and cheap, but servicable.
The saw is all but useless for me. I cut just as fast in metal using a hand held hack saw (really!). Same with wood. Hand tool was faster. Way too little power, alhtough it's a handy shape and easy to change bits. This isn't a home run. It fact, it barely makes it to first base.
The light is impressive. Light weight. Seems to run forever, and throws pretty good light.
Also, they could give you the darn set free and still make money on the batteries. I've already bought two extras @ $20 each. And where is that carry case? B & D, to whom I've been a loyal customer, had half the right ideas and missed hitting the nail on the head in several key areas. Overall, I would not recommend this to others.
great product
This is a great set. I was able to buy it for less than the price of a replacement battery for my old drill driver. It is light in weight but great in power for household use. I added the converter and have used it with my cell phone. I plan to add all of the VPX tools and another battery in the future.
Black & Decker VPX903X1
Very handy, performed like expected. Great for the small jobs.
As happy as I am with it,
just be warned not to expect a replacement for the full size type saw.

Cordless screwdriver works excellent & flashlight is good too.

I would recommend a 2nd battery to avoid pausing a project for the few hours it takes to re-charge from dead.

That is all.
Useful and powerful little set at a great price.
I really like this set, and for the price (I paid fifty bucks on Amazon) you can't beat it! Only four stars because the flashlight could be brighter.

I used the saw to trim some posts on my picket fence, and the driver has come in handy numerous times. The flashlight is a pretty weak compared to my other LED flashlights, but it's not bad.

It's about what you can expect from light duty cordless power tools and at a very decent price. The battery system is pretty nifty, and a LOT more powerful that the old Flex-Charge or whatever it was that Black and Decker had several years ago for their interchangeable battery system.

I'd recommend this to my friends, for sure.
VPX-Easy to handle, but light-duty only, not rugged tools
I'm not a power tool guy, but I bought this kit last winter when I moved into a new apartment and need to get some things done. The "power screwdriver" isn't a drill at all, but can save you some time if you're assembling something. I ended up buying the actual VPX Drill and VPX Compressor separately (the drill works fine for light duty, not real construction, the compressor is convenient for inflating tires and baby pools). The flashlight lasts a long time with the lithium cell and it will probably outlive the rest of the kit.

The cutsaw was useful for cutting some drywall and some 3/8" plywood, but it really ate up batteries. I use the past tense here because the saw has broken after I tried to cut a tree branch of about 1" in diameter with it.

Basically, this kit is good for hanging pictures, very, very light-duty cutting and for assembling baby toys where a low power screw driver is helpful. Beyond that it's just not built to last, so don't expect it to do so.

I don't usually bother to write reviews, but in this case I just concluded a series of projects around the house that showed the weakness of the VPX kit. I'm probably going to buy another kit shortly and keep the VPX around until the batteries fail. It's disappointing that B&D put a good battery in such a mediocre tool kit, no wonder it was discontinued.

Given that the kit is priced for close-out now, it's probably a decent value for $50 or less, but I still can't recommend the VPX platform.
Black & Decker no longer makes these 7 volt VPX tools
This tool set has excellent power for a 7 volt system. Tools are small, light weight cousins of full size, high voltage portable tools.
If you are use to a "clutched" drill/screwdriver, the clutchless drill/driver can take you by surprise when a screw reaches it's depth, or a drill bit suddenly stops turning. Defiantly a 2 handed operation if you want save your wrists. It has very, very good power. I drove several 3-1/2" screws fully into 2 x 4's without any problem at all. The chuck is a quick release 1/4" hex.
The charger charges quickly and you can power extra chargers off the upsteam one without needing separate 120 volt outlets. These portable power tools should always be sold with 2 batteries, at a minimium. This set had one battery.
The light is handy and light weight. It should hold it's battery power for use in emergencies a long time being LiIon, like cell phone batteries.
I bought the set mainly for the cut saw. It worked well for trimming small branches on my trees.
I had the cut saw lock up on me while using it to cut sheet metal and had it sent to a B & D repair facility. I was told several weeks later that they had no repair parts to fix it, nor do they have a replacement units, since they don't build them any more. I received a generous(based on the price I paid for the kit) refund from B & D for the cut saw. I was so satisfied with the refund and the tools that I took the refund and used it to buy another 7 volt VPX starter set. I'll just use the cut saw for light duty work, like tree branches.
I do think Amazon should have indicated on the tool's description page that this is a B & D closeout tool set and that it is no longer made, or serviced under the 2 year warranty.
Great for the basic diy projects
Ideal for my basic diy projects. The Vpx system could be withdrawn so please do check with the manufacturer if concerned with that. Great battery power. Perfect for the small jobs where pro equiptment is just not worth the investment.
vpx tool set
black and decker has always made good tools .This is not heavy duty stuff,but totaly heavy enough for home use.The 7.2 volt lithium ion battery light works quite well,and is small.The battery powers all three tools.The small screw driver has a 2 speed gearbox and a hexagonal chuck to accept bits,The saw is a small jig saw that has a blade changing lever instead of the allen set screw of other saws,blade changing is easy and quick,and uses any standard jig saw blade.All in all if you need these type tools,you can't go wrong with this set.Very good value for your money,I can't belive you get so much for so little money.
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