Black and Decker PS1MVC 8.4-Volt to 14.4-Volt 1 Hour Pod Style Battery Charger

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Black & Decker PS1MVC 8.4-Volt to 14.4-Volt 1 Hour Pod Style Battery Charger

Black & Decker PS1MVC description

The PS1MVC charges all Firestorm and Black & Decker branded batteries 8.4V through 14.4V. 1 hour fast charging enables the user to recharge batteries quickly to continue their project. Computerized charging optimizes charging of battery cells.  

Black & Decker PS1MVC specifications

Black & Decker
Charges 8.4- to 14.4-volt Black and Decker batteries
Works in just one hour
Rough and tough plastic housing; LED clearly shows when battery is fully charged
Weighs 15.0 ounces
Includes a 2-year warranty
Black & Decker
2.5 pounds
Package Height
3.5 inches
Package Width
4.9 inches
Package Length
8 inches
Package Weight
1.1 pounds

Black & Decker PS1MVC reviews

Black and Decker Charger
According to the product description, this unit was able to charge a 8.4 volt battery. This unit CANNOT charge a 8.4. The battery does not fit.
Caution, think again.
This product is fine. Better designed than orginial equipment supplied with set. Orginial equipment notorious for failing. But I first bought a slide type charger locally by mistake and had to destroy the over ambitious theft proof packaging to open, making unreturnable. Than I found my batteries were bad after buying this charger. It would have been smarter to throw the set away and by a whole new outfit.
B&D Pod Style Battery Charger
This is an outstanding product. After going through 3 of the standard chargers that come with my 14.4V cordless drill, I got this one. It works exactly as advertised. Charges the battery packs to full capacity in under one hour, and they hold the charge perfectly. Highly recommend this charger for any B&D cordless battery packs.
Get a charge out of this
As advertised, this is a quick-charge battery charger. It appears to charge my 14.4V battery in about an hour. I don't think the charge lasts as long as it should, so having an extra battery on-hand for major chores is suggested.
A Great Replacement
This unit replaces a failed charger that came with the equipment. I am still fuming that B&D would put out a poor quality charger, only for it to fail in less than to 2 years. Then after several attempts to have them replace the charger, they forced me to buy a replacement charger of better quality. From all my research, the poor quality charger is well known to B&D and they did nothing to satisfy their customers. Poor...very poor. I am no longer a B&D customer. The replacement charger works fine and I am sure it will last for many years. The purchase and delivery was flawless through Amazon.
Black & Decker 14 volt Battery Charger
The original battery charger for my Black & Decker portable tool kit quit working, and I chose this item as a replacement. I'm happy to say that this item functions as promised, and my batteries are back up and running.
Works fine
I have used this to determine that one battery was bad (rapid blinking) and to recharge two good batteries. Works fine so far with a shorter charging time than the one that came with my drill.
Great Charger
For the money, this is a great buy. It charges quickly and, for me, I can leave the charged battery in the charger without harming it.
i hour charge?
an excellent and cost effective upgrade instead of the lame charger that comes with Black & Decker products.well worth the extra price.eliminates frustration from waiting on regular charger.most charges take less.good to bring on jobs.
B and D battery charger
This product arrived on time and was fine. Much better than the charger which came originally with the hedge trimmer. The battery can be left in the charger until use and it charges the battery quickly.
One charger not two
I purchased this charger to replace two seperate chargers which had failed. One unit charges both 12 and 14.4V batteries. B&D should have thought of this BEFORE they sold the individual units! This charger works great and even alerts you to defective packs where the old chargers didn't. Great addition to my shop.
14.4 V batteries for B&D are marginal
The charger I purchased to replace the absolutely worthless charger that came with the B&D 14.4V
firestorm drill kit does charge the batteries. However, I find that these batteries are less than desirable. They do not hold a charge and will expire after short periods of use. Spend the extra dollars and purchase a Makita, Milwaukee, etc.
This Is The One
I used it to charge my hedge trimmer batteries. The charger that came with the trimmer was a piece of crap. This charges them fast, and there's no danger of it going blooey like the old one did. I am in debt to the one whose review recommended getting this model over the cheaper replacement (which is identical to the piece of crap).
Usually ships in 24 hours