Black & Decker 9074CTN 3.6 Volt Screwdriver

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Black & Decker 9074CTN 3.6-volt Screwdriver
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Black & Decker 9074CTN description

3.6V Cordless Screwdriver, Automatic Spindle Lock For Manual Use If Desired&For Greater Control When Starting&Finishing Screws, Forward/Reverse Slide Switch For Easy Screwdriving&Screw Removal, Narrow Nose Piece For Extended Reach In Tight Places, Jam Pot Construction For Added Durability, Includes 3.6V Screwdriver With Integral Battery, Charger, Double Ended Screwdriving Bit, #2 Phillips Slotted, 40 INLB Torque, 180 RPM, Applications Include Assembly, Installing Mini Blinds, Hanging Curtain Rods, Hanging Pictures, Installing Light Switches, Installing Hinges.  

Black & Decker 9074CTN specifications

Screw Guns
Black & Decker
Automatic spindle lock for greater control when starting and finishing screws
Narrow nose-piece for extended reach-inch tight places
Runs at 180 rpm and delivers 40in.-pounds of torque
Two-year home use warranty
Black & Decker
11.06 inches
2.19 inches
4.13 inches
2 pounds
Package Height
2.2 inches
Package Width
4.5 inches
Package Length
10.7 inches
Package Weight
2 pounds

Black & Decker 9074CTN reviews

Perfect for a woman
helpful for 4 of 5 people
I like tools only because I like to do improvements in my house by myself and because as a mom I have to be very familiar with the battery compartiments of my baby's toys and ready to follow complicated instructions for any kind of baby's stuff (from security gates to strollers and all his Fisher Price toys!)... and almost anything has lots of screws. This tool also allows me to care more my hands: I do not need to be pushing a manual screwdriver until I cannot give anymore.
I particularly love this tool more than any other. It is versatile and very easy to use so I do not need to read the instruction booklet. The rechargeable battery lasts a lot and is very fast to recharge. The weight and lenght are just perfect. Moreover: is silent (at least not too noisy) and fast. It can screw or unscrew (it has a reversible mode).
If you do not find useful this tool is because the kind of work you want to do demands to use something else. You cannot use this tool if you need, i.e., a drill or precision instruments. Neither can you expect to use this to change the battery of a watch! I mean if you use it for what is designed it will work great.
I recently bought new doors for my house. The guys that came to install them used my screwdriver because theirs was too heavy to use. They fell in love with this tool just like me.
Great product for everyday jobs.
I used to think that for a consumer to purchase an electric screwdriver was the pinnacle in laziness. How hard is it to screw in a screw or two? After receiving one as a gift, I think that this is a great product to have around for those everyday screwdriver-related jobs - fixing switchplates, putting pre-drilled things together - that kind of thing. It comes with a medium sized Philips and flat head bit. If you want smaller (children's toys, watches, eyeglasses) or larger (big furniture screws, construction screws) than that, you need a different kit.

Unlike some of the other reviewers here, I did find that mine held a charge long enough to do virtually any project. I also like the reverse feature for removing screws. The charger can get warm (although mine did not seem in danger of igniting my house on fire, like one reviewer below reported). It did not get hot enough to burn anyone - just warm.

The two drawbacks of this item are that the body is a bit wide for some jobs. A regular screwdriver would be slimmer and able to fit into spaces where this thing does not. The other thing is that it does not have a tip that pivots for use in awkward spots, typically ones in which anything but a stubby screwdriver would be too long to fit into the available space at 90 degrees to the screw, if you know what I mean.

In summary, I use this screwdriver two or three times a week. It's great because although you do have to devote an electrical outlet to it, you don't have to get out the toolkit every time you need to do a small task. It's light, most-purpose, and does the advertised task very well. I recommend it.
Black and Decker
My old B&D screw driver out lived it usefullness after many years. There are many versions to choose from. This model is more pwerful than most at 3.6 volts I am a motorcyclist and perform most maintenance chores, and this is an excellent choice for removing all the fasteners from the bodywork. Small enough that it eliminates the possibilty of scratches. Perfect tool for my needs!
not as pictured
I did not recieve the scredriver that was pictured. I already have one like the one sent to me....
Electric screwdriver
This was an excellent purchase for me. Fits my hand and is easy to use. The red color makes it easy to find.
My review of the Black & Decker Screwdriver
I like the design of this screwdriver because it works well for screws. It isn't overpowered & I can run up & take out screws without stripping the threads. I expect it to last a long time. I have a similar Black & Decker screwdriver which I have had for years, & it still works.
It broke on the first day of use
I got this for my son who works as a lot attendant at a car dealership. He has to install license plates on new cars. He took it to work and as he was putting on his fifth plate it started making a grinding noise internally and stopped working. I had thrown out the receipt (my own fault), so we just wrote it off. We certainly won't be buying another one though.
I thought this unit was the replacement for my BK Power Driver. NOT ! ! ! Don't waste your money on this.
B&D cordless screwdriver
This battery powered screwdriver is just the right size for my wifes use. She finally had to replace the old one she had for 15 years and was looking for one with the proper size grip. This works very well for her. It does not pull on her wrist and loosens and tightens witout undue strain. The screwdriver is fairly well balanced and is convenient for use in the home. It seems to hold a charge pretty well.
Not Bad
Was looking for a replacement for my last generation B&D rechargeable screwdrivers. Those drivers are one of the most used tools in the house. The previous ones had charger/holders that you could lay the screwdriver on when needing recharge or just to store. This one has a regular 'wall wart' converter with a typical +- Combo plug that you plug directly into the driver. Not bad, but not a charger/holder like the previous models. Also differing from the previous models, this one has a automatic/manual turn collar for when you want to use the driver manually, for that last bit of manual torque. The older drivers had no such switch and you could just start turning manually. Overall I'm pleased with this item as about as close as I can get to the previous generations I had. The torque is good as the past models.
I purchased the product in Sept-08 and by Jan-09 it was nonfunctional. The gears are made of plastic and the center post of the gear is aluminum. That post sheared off one of the 6 gears (configured in 2 layers of 3 gears) and rendered it pretty much useless. I am very disappointed. I will attempt to prosecute the warranty with Black & Decker, but have low expectations of satisfaction for this $16 product.

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