Bench Dog 10-019 ProCut Portable Circular Saw Crosscut Guide for All 8-1/4-Inch and Smaller Circular Saws

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Bench Dog 10-019 ProCut Portable Circular Saw Crosscut Guide for All 8-1/4-Inch and Smaller Circular Saws

Bench Dog 10-019 description

Portable Saw Guide - PORTABLE SAW GUIDE. Fits 8-1/4" & smaller right-bladed circular saws. Instantly aligns saw to cut line. Reduces kickback, binding & bent blades  

Bench Dog 10-019 specifications

Circular Saws
Bench Dog
Portable saw guide with 2 safe and convenient hand grips for easy guiding; built-in 6-inch hook rule
Reduced tear-out since fibers are supported along cutting edge of tool
Tool aligns with cut-line or tick mark
Saw base will not scratch face of finished materials
Limited lifetime warranty
Bench Dog
1 inches
13 inches
14 inches
1 pounds
Package Height
1.5 inches
Package Width
14 inches
Package Length
14.5 inches
Package Weight
0.85 pounds

Bench Dog 10-019 reviews

a lot cheaper than a table saw ... and just as good
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I am a very novice wood worker. I have some beginner books about "2x4 furniture" I have a circular saw, but, as you know, unless you are very experienced, executing cross cuts on lumber is not just a matter of chopping -- you have to measure, and add for the blade offset -- every time!. It was tedious, and i was close to getting a table saw or a miter saw. Fortunately, I came across this clever too -- simply line up the guide on the line where you want to cut, push the saw, and you are done.

Thumb's up!
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Use a speed square it cost like seven bucks and has a thousand other uses.
Fabulous cutting aid
helpful for 6 of 6 people
The Bench Dog Cross Cut Saw Guide is an excellent tool...Incredibly accurate, easy to use, and a time saver...not to mention that there is no learning curve in knowing how to use it!
Great little tool!
helpful for 5 of 5 people
To the person who said, "why?"
Because not all of us want to take the time to measure, set up clamps to hold a straight edge, just to have it slip. The directions are simple. A novice can use it. It cut down my time to make cuts by at least two-thirds. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't look down their noses at items to make woodworking easier!
pro cut circular saw guide
This item is great for cutting anything from 2x4's to 2x12's. Once you set it up for your saw it cuts very straight lines with ease.
Circular Saw Cutting Guide
When rough cutting, a good craftsman can follow a pencil line. An accurate straight cut requires a straight edge clamped to the material to be cut. This items attempts to shortcut that process and just doesn't work.

Because it's a one item fits all device, it first has to be cut to fit your circular saw. The problem is that it has a minimal edge to support the circular saw when starting the cut, so you frequently start off in the wrong direction. Despite its being made from plastic, there was a lot of friction between it and my saw. which caused the whole unit to shift, making cuts less than perfect. My freehand cuts were just as good as cuts made with this device.

Sears makes an item that is both cheaper and more useful.


They used to make a table that converted a circular saw into a 45/90° miter saw, that I bought 30 years ago.
Bench Dog 10-019 ProCut and a Worm Drive Saw
The ProCut is a great idea. Wish I had it years ago. Did not try it with a right bladed circular saw since I now only use worm drive saws. It still works with a worm drive but there is only a small amount of procut bed under the saw. As a result you have to hold the saw up on the bed of the ProCut with a slight CCW twist of the wrist. Once you make your first cut the ProCut is customized for that saw.
Great Tool
I ordered this guide some time ago, but did not have a particular need at the time. However, I just obtained a job that required the cutting of several 2x 12 boards. The guide worked great and I was able to cut the boards accurately and straight with little effort. All shop should have one!
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