Corded VS Cordless Drills

In our days there is a tendency to regard anything that is cordless as definitely superior i.e. portable and easy to use. But it is the fact that every advantage usually comes with the interchange, and what is ideal to apply for one scenario is less practical for another. This aspect is clearly demonstrated in the electric drill example.

The cordless drill is that tool which most “do-it-yourselfers” choose for their home use, and that proved to be correct. Such kind of drills are convenient, really easy to use. But they also have two important downsides: lack of power and the need for batteries. In other words, cordless drills are a bit less powerful than their corded colleagues, especially when their battery “dies out”. In the past this was more true than in present time. But in spite of the fact that technologies are constantly developing,some branches such as heavy construction, remain widely in the purview of the corded models. Batteries are the real weak point of cordless drills. Sometimes they can feel badly balanced and clumsy. Even if the person has the “muscles of stone” pistol grip drilling can be tiring after some time. Cordless drill batteries can also be costly when bought individually. But cordless drills are rather good in spite of these imperfections. As it was mentioned above they are portable and easy to store and use.

Corded drills also have their advantages and weaknesses. A corded drill with its power and additional features is better for tougher and heavy jobs and for industrial users. Very often corded drills have extra features not available on a cordless model . But at the same time the more powerful is the drill, the more expensive it's likely to be. The other weak point of this kind of drill is the cord – very often it can be limiting and importunate.

Summarizing the mentioned above we can emphasize the following:

  • Corded drills are more powerful and have the longer run time, at the same time they have limited mobility and storage difficulty.
  • Cordless drills have lack of power and huge weight but they are portable and easy to store and use.